Semalt Provides Anti-Spam Solution For Comments In WordPress

Getting many readers to your blog or website is the dream of any blogger. However, you may experience many spam comments on your WordPress blog. There are several methods and tools which you can use to combat spam in WordPress.

Below are some of these tools specified by the leading expert from Semalt, Oliver King.

1. Activate Akismet

This tool is a WordPress plugin which comes when it is already preinstalled. For anyone using WordPress, you do not need to download this plugin. It comes already handy in the panel, all you need to do is activate it. Upon activation, you get an API key which you can use on many aspects of the blog. Akismet plugin scans all comments on your blog and filters the ones that look like spam. In other times, regular comments can get in the spam filter. It can be crucial to always pass through the spam comments to see whether there may be an important email.

2. Enable Honeypot Protection

One can block spam bots using this technique. It involves tricking spam bots into identifying themselves. Firstly, you need to install the WP Spam Fighter. From here, you should activate this plugin. From the settings menu, there is an option to enable Honeypot protection. This option includes a hidden form to the comments area which can only be visible to bots. As the spam bots fill out all the blank fields, they can pre-exponent themselves.

3. Do not use "follow comment" links

Sometimes, website owners use "no comment" links to make the site engage a lot of traffic. As a result, this chance attracts many spam comments which increase the spam in the comments. In some case, the tools for detecting spam may not find this content, which leaves the situation worse. Some credible users can also find comments in their blog posts. These may link back to form the spam comments. There are also some plugins which can share link juice through comments. When you are not using plugins which share this content, you can avoid many instances of the spam comments.

4. Using Captcha verification

WordPress has a plugin WP-reCAPTCHA. This plugin is a feature which requires one to enable it in the comments section. Captchas use some tricks requiring a Human Intelligence Task (HIT) such as clicking images with a certain standard thing. Captures have the capability of distinguishing a real human from a computer bot. These tools make it very difficult for users to submit comments. You can block spam bots using reCAPTCHA because it is quick and efficient in blocking their comments.


Spam can be hectic and often, it makes people lose due to cyber criminals with some ill intentions. In some situations, successful spam attacks can also expose a websites admin panel to a group of hackers who can do anything to suit their needs. This vulnerability can be one of the methods which a site can lose everything. You can detect and avoid spam using the tools above. For the methods, ignoring spam messages can help you save a lot. One can remove website URL from the spam bot and achieve numerous tasks regarding spam comments.